This is us

MyParmesan is built on a desire to share Italian treasures with people outside Italy who do not have the opportunity to experience the uniqueness of Italy.

This particular project is about the king of cheese, Parmesan. Having lived in Italy for nearly 20 years, we have now founded MyParmesan to offer quality Parmesan to passionate consumers. We have close and strong relationships with the local producers that we have chosen to use as our partners and suppliers. They have invited us to take part in their amazing history and proud tradition of manufacturing.

Our ambition

During our time in Italy, we have learned a lot by visiting experts and restaurants, and have therefore realized how incredibly passionate people are about food here. We were fascinated by how the ordinary Italian goes down to the market to buy the world’s best quality cheese without having to pay a fortune. We now want to offer that opportunity to any delicacy lover to be able to get the best quality and taste without having to pay a fortune. That is our goal.

Our vision

MyParmesan is aware that there are others who sell products like Parmesan in the world. But, to find a company that sells a delicacy product that is of the best quality and taste at a decent price with quick delivery, is something else. Our vision is to build a new and unique concept on the Scandinavian market and then take it further out into Europe. We want to tackle the problem of delicacy lovers buying delicacy products that are not of the best quality and takes forever to get delivered. We will also establish a number of new products in the future that will take MyParmesan to a whole new level.

Our suppliers

MyParmesan works with very genuine suppliers from the Emilia Romagna region who care about both cows and the environment. MyParmesan’s suppliers focus on the traditional Parmesan cheese where the whole process is done with sensitivity and quality. The same goes for the rest of the products. One of our suppliers even uses roots from Sweden with the breeds Frisona, Rossa Italiana and Svensk Låglandsboskap (SLB) from Kristinehamn. All feed is grown locally in the foothills of the Apennines in Reggio Emilia and, of course, no antibiotics are given to the cattle. Everything is natural and biological.