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From: 149.00kr / month and a 10.00kr sign-up fee

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Subscribe on Parmigiano Reggiano. Choose the storage period and quantity to automatically receive your parmesan cheese! Below you can read about the benefits of subscribing to Parmesan cheese instead of buying one-offs.


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Welcome dear parmesan-lovers!

Here you can choose to subscribe to genuine Parmesan cheese at unbelievable prices. You do this by starting a subscription and automatically receiving the quantity and shelf life of your choice every two months or whenever it suits you.

Why subscribe to Parmesan cheese?

Better prices – We have chosen to use even lower prices for subscription orders so that you, the customer, will really feel that you are benefiting from being a real Parmesan cheese lover!

Self-serve orders – Now you, the real Parmesan lover, can get your orders home when it suits you without lifting a finger.

Optional delivery period – With subscription orders, you also have the option to have it delivered as often as it suits you.

No cancellation period – At MyParmesan, we have chosen not to have a cancellation period on subscription orders just to make it easy to manage in case you change address or want to shop manually.

Parmesan production is 100% craftsmanship. We buy directly from the manufacturers who cut the wheel of cheese into pieces by hand with a knife, which means that the weight of each piece can vary ± by a few %. However, the price is based on the minimum weight of each shipment. Anything over this weight is a bonus for our customers.



  • Energi………… 1671 kJ/302 kcal
  • Fett…………… 30g
    • varav mättat fett…….. 20g
  • Kolhydrat………… 0g
    • Varav sockerarter……… 0g
  • Protein…………. 32g
  • Salt……….. 1.6 g
  • Laktos………. > 0.01g


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