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This combo is made for all parmesan cheese lovers. It is the perfect combo for your first order. It gives you a chance to try a parmesan cheese with a bit lower aging time and one with a longer aging time. It does also include a real Parmigiano knife to cut your parmesan cheese into pieces



2 × Parmigiano Reggiano
1 × Parmigiano Knife
With this knife, you will be able to cut your parmesan cheese without any difficulties. This kind of knife is even used by Parmigiano Reggiano producers to open huge parmesan wheels in Emilia Romagna. Get your knife today!   Read more down below

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Christmas is coming and we got a special combo for you. Here is what it includes:


  • 0.5 kg 24-month aging time
  • 0.5 kg 24-month aging time
  • Parmesan knife


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