Delicacy box- The perfect gift

A gift box full of goodies- that is a delicacy box. The name itself makes the mouth watering. Who doesn’t appreciate a mixture of fine cheeses, a nice olive oil and enjoyable products, neatly packed in a box? A delicacy box is truly the perfect gift you can give someone you like or to show your appreciation.

Delicacy boxes are also popular as company giveaways, because the cost of a delicacy box is most of the time within the price range of Skatteverkets specified amount that’s tax deducted for gifts to employees and clients. They are easy to send and carry and there’s always something in a delicacy box to enjoy.

What does a delicacy box contain?

Delicacy boxes come in all shapes, sizes and variants. As we will see further on, there’s also different types of packaging, such as wooden- or cardboard boxes. But what do we find when we open the box?

A good delicacy box should contain products that can last longer and that can survive in a box for a longer period of time without jeopardizing the quality of the goods. A good example for this type of product is aged cheese. An aged cheese doesn’t go bad by spending some time in a delicacy box. Olive oil and other types of oil, vinegar and others fit perfectly into a delicacy box. Jams and marmalades are another example, these cans work fine at room temperature and don’t need to be chilled until the delicacy box has been opened.

Goods that you often find in a delicacy box

  • Parmesan cheese
  • Aged cheeses
  • Olive oil
  • Vinegar
  • Jam
  • Marmalade 
  • Biscuits

There’s also delicacy boxes for different seasons and holidays. Christmas is a time where delicacy boxes are very popular. It’s a perfect Christmas gift to your staff or to hand out to your most appreciated clients.

How is a delicacy box designed?

There are different ways to design a delicacy box. Regular variants of wooden boxes that give an extra dimension of a traditional feeling of the product. It’s nice to open a wooden lid and look at what’s inside. If you’re on a tight budget and want to keep the cost low, there’s several nice options for cardboard delicacy boxes.

A delicacy box is a lovely gift that many people can cherish.