How do you make a parmesan basket?

A parmesan basket is easy to make and it creates a lot of different possibilities in the kitchen. Parmesan is one of the finest cheeses and you can’t go wrong by adding it to your dish. How do you make a parmesan basket and what can you put in it? Come along and we’ll tell you all about it!

To describe a parmesan basket in the easiest way is that it’s an edible basket where you can add all kinds of mixtures or delicacies. A parmesan basket can be compared to the shell shaped nacho chips that are used for tacos.

The easiest way to make a parmesan basket

Put your oven on 225 degrees and take out a plate with a baking sheet on it. Then you should place your shredded parmesan in big chunks on the plate and put it in the oven. Take the plate out when the parmesan is melted and slightly brown. Then what you want to do is to remove the parmesan cheese with a spatula and place the parmesan cheese on an upside down glas to shape the bowl. Let it cool before removing the parmesan cheese from the glas and now you’re ready for the filling!

What can you add to your parmesan basket?

A popular filling for a parmesan basket is a salmon mixture. Smoked salmon and a nice mix of salad doesn’t only make the parmesan basket look beautiful but it tastes great. A nice olive oil to top it all off makes the experience as a whole fenomenal. You can also add pine nuts to create a more flavorful experience.

Skagenröra is another recipe that goes well with the parmesan basket. Add a large leaf of lettuce at the bottom of the parmesan basket for nice arrangement and top it with some nice caviar.

Parmesan basket as appetizer

The parmesan basket is the perfect snack for your party or as an appetizer for a nice dinner. It creates a nice atmosphere and it’s a perfect way to impress your guests with this relatively easy and tasty dish.

Choose authentic parmesan cheese from Italy for your parmesan basket

Remember that the key to a great parmesan basket is the right type of cheese. Choose authentic cheese from Italy and remember not to grate it too delicately. It should be roughly grated so it almost braids the basket together. By doing it this way the parmesan basket will look good and it will also hold better and not fall to shreds when holding it.